Conference- Building Educator Capacity for 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Building Educator Capacity for 
21st Century Teaching and Learning

Research shows that innovative teaching practices, combined with ICT access are two key factors that lead to students' acquisition of 21st century skills. But how do we scaffold professional development in a way that supports teachers on that path of innovation to integrate ICT into their daily practice?

Most professional development has short-lived and limited impact on the way teachers teach and students learn in the classroom. Join us to examine how the trends we see around 21st century teaching and learning impact the way we design professional development programs for our educators today and tomorrow.

·   Learn about the latest research findings on effective (and ineffective) professional development models

·   Find out how your school can utilize professional development assets like needs assessment, adaptable training materials, and evaluation tools to create new or supplement your current training programs

·   Be introduced to level 100 (Digital Literacy), 200 (Teaching with Technology), and 300 (21st Century Learning Design) research-based professional development including new Certification offer

·   Learn how teacher leaders or trainers in your school or district can get access to training resources, receive on-going professional development and support for the important work they do

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·   20 yrs in education and technology

·   Last position Microsoft Global Director for K-12 Teacher Professional Development

·   Professional Coach with emphasis on overcoming resistance to change in educational institutions and individuals

·   Consultant to UNESCO, Educator trainer and group facilitator

·   Currently manages Partners in Learning Professional Development and Training Provider program on behalf of Microsoft

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Comentario de Dominica Lassalle Pellot el abril 30, 2013 a las 5:56am

Gracias por compartir tan importante seguir desarrollarnos en la tecnologia

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